Thank you Jesus..

Thank you for being my best friend.

Thank you for giving me so much joy that I’ve never felt before.

Thank you for giving me such a restful summer.

Thank you for giving me so much peace in various areas in my life.

Thank you for always providing for me when it comes to resources while others don’t have much.

Thank you for giving me this single season to focus on you.

Thank you for providing me with so many sisters and brothers.

Thank you for giving me a community (Intervarsity).

Thank you for healing me when it came to wounds from my family, past relationships with people , or the hardships I’ve had in the past.

Thank you for breaking down my own pride and letting things go.

Thank you for getting me out of Depression and Body Image issues.

Thank you for loving me so much even if some days I don’t feel loved.

Thank you for your comfort, when I go home and its a battlefield even when I’m on my knees crying and reminded to stay faithful that one day my brother and dad will get to know you.

Thank you for reminding me of your grace. (I’m constantly reminded of not being so harsh on myself)

Thank you for working in my life in a deeper level, allowing you to heal me even when its so hard.

Thank you for releasing my bitterness towards my parents.

Thank you for such wonderful music (so we’re constantly able to praise and worship).

Thank you for tears, and giving me the passion and feelings even though sometimes its too much for me.

Thank you for being in the midst of my suffering for the past few years (even if I didn’t notice you when you were there the whole time I cried out)

Thank you for giving me strength to overcome failure and step back up.

Thank for the uncomfortable moments, so that I’m constantly pushed to grow.

Thank you for letting me be unseen to be able to understand what others feel when they are unseen.

Thank you for giving me such a compassionate heart.

Thank you for the word.

Thank you for showing me that my identity is not in my academics, job, background, my past, etc BUT my IDENTITY is IN YOU.

Thank you for everything and so much more that I can’t even fathom..

Lastly, Thank you Jesus for choosing me:) (Deuteronomy 7:6–8)

~ So hehe I wanted to write post this on wordpress and just share what I’m thankful for. I wrote this done during Back to School Con (on Saturday) before School started this semester for many reasons. I was reminded of how faithful god has been and continue to be in my life. This is a reminder each day and time when It feels like he isn’t present or when its so hard.  Anyway thanks for readingXD

~ Winnie ~


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